Created at ISO 200 16 mm f6.3 1/1250 sec. PP TS with new Clarity and a variety of TS tools.

Comments and critiques welcome.


Creative and beautiful work …

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thought provoking

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It looks like a monster is rising from the sea on the left hand side and is causing chaos.

The gold bit attached to whatever, I don’t understand. It seems to take over and be out of place, but obviously to you, that has a purpose.

Maybe as a type of light to see it into shore.

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I am glad it made you think and puzzle. The location has a white statue of a semi-clad woman who is the source of water for the fountain. In the reflection a light in the bottom created a “viewing point” to see the entire juxtaposed world. And, since I see photography as playing with light I found this image playful and crazy and used TS to enhance both its craziness and playfulness.

Thanks to all for you comments.

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