Reflecting the view

Found a photo taken a few years back and decided to play with it.


Great shot & color, just watch out for the halos at the top of the mt. peaks & sky.

Very nice shot and I especially like the shades of blue! What processing did you use?

Wow and wonderful image.

Lovely capture and edit …

Thank you all very much. Every BBQ we have I (70) have to cook it. They say that I am a good BBQ cook. Why do I mention this? Each time I BBQ something they ask “what spice did you use” I tell them I cannot remember so each BBQ taste good but I have no idea of ingredients I used.

Ok see where I am going with this. I used PS to prepare the image to be how I wanted then I used several of Topaz products. Detail, Clarity, Restyle. etc etc. The actual photo has the mountains really brown and the reflection was in green water. Started playing and out came the little one. lol Most of you have been there I am sure but often we try things just to see how they look. Thanks every one I am happiest pleasing others.

Jerry Thomas


Had not noticed the halos with these 70+ year old eyes it seems lucky for me to see fine detail. It will be something else I can do to this photo. TY

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well worth the “play” with this image

Yea it turned out ok I had to get rid of fringing halos and now am done lol
Ty for your comments everyone!

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