Refinement brushes and rotating windows

Being able to mask/select areas to sharpen within PhotoAI works very well and the tools to do this do the job pretty well, especially the AI brushes. but there are two niggles that if sorted would make the selection process so much easier and better.

  1. I have a new MacBook Pro but still find that the different sizes of AI brushes take a few seconds to load and break the flow and my concentration.
  2. When using either a mouse, touchpad or Wacom pen tablet I sometimes struggle to follow edges when painting on the masks… How about adding the ability to be able to rotate the “canvas” or document window (just like pressing “R” in photoshop) so that brush strokes can be painted and arranged in a natural sketching direction.

@david.white-3071 Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you’re liking Photo AI!

You can use the brackets on your keyboard to change the brush size. Hopefully that doesn’t distract your flow as much.

Adding a rotate functionality is an interesting idea. We’ll discuss it based on how many votes this post gets to see how much general interest there is. We appreciate your insights!

Thanks for the heads up about using the bracket keys to change brush size … I had been using this with the “regular brush” as it’s the same a photoshop… but it hadn’t crossed my mind that it would also apply to the AI brush… Dohhh!
However I was mainly referring to the slight but annoying pause (when the little watch/clock symbol appears at the cursor) when selecting the different sized AI brushes for the first time from the drop down.

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