Refine subject should apply to noise reduction also

I am LOVING photoAI but I just encountered a problem. I cant use auto pilot or any noise reduction on golfing foursomes that I photographed. Technically there really isnt any noise to worry about but auto doesnt realize that and the typical outfits golfer wear are light in color and patterned quite intricately. The noise blurs the shirt and it looks awful.

not sure if those samples came through or not but just wanted to let you know that the clothing identification could use a little help. Other than that…and the slow save speed…i cant complain about a thing. if the samples didnt come through and you would like to see them i can easily email them to you.
Dave G

Appreciate the suggestion, and we are considering adding the ability to selectively apply noise reduction in the future. Would you be able to attach the original jpg so we can take a look? We’d also like to see what we could do to prevent the denoise model from removing the shirt patterns in the first place.