Reduce Noise and DeNoise differences?

A bit ago I posted a question about why I did not have the Reduce Noise functionality in Studio since I had a license for DeNoise. The moderator (AiDon) responded that they were different products and so I would not get Reduce Noise functionality in spite of having a license for DeNoise.

Since there is now a sale on Topaz Studio products this issue has taken on more importance than before. How are the two products different? What does Reduce Noise provide that DeNoise does not? Why are they separate products?

If they really provide different functionality, then I might want to buy Reduce Noise, but I would like to know what new functionality I will get before I spend any money.

I believe Reduce Noise has significantly fewer capabilities and features than the DeNoise plugin. For those folks new to Topaz, they can get Studio free, and if they need noise reduction, they can buy the lower cost adjustment - Reduce Noise - rather than the more expensive DeNoise. If you have DeNoise, you shouldn’t need the Reduce Noise Studio adjustment since you can just run DeNoise as a plugin. And if Topaz continues to integrate their plugins into Studio, then at the time DeNoise is upgraded to DeNoise in Studio, you’ll get that free.

This would be the case for all the other adjustments, e.g. Black and White. Clarity and Detail were handled this way, no reason to believe things will be different going forward. I own the entire plugin collection. From what I’ve seen, the for-pay plugins in Studio are essentially lesser, partial versions of features in one or more of the plugins. Therefore, I ignore all the sales related to Studio; I see no need to purchase any of the Pro adjustments since I own the plugins. I just keep Studio up-to-date and get the free “in-Studio” upgrades whenever they’re ready.

Again, this is based on my view that the Pro Pack, for-pay adjustments in Studio are specifically for folks either completely new to Topaz or those who don’t own the plugin that contains the general feature of the given Pro adjustment.

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I own the entire plug-in suite and also the Studio propack and I agree with most of your statement but not all. I did not find or be aware of anything comparable already owned when it came to Motion Blurs. I also think that the Studio version might function better or easier than a similar function in one of the original plug-ins. I think I’ll do a comparison between Denoise noise reduction and the Studio Noise adjustment. I think that a trial version of the adjustment needs to tried by the photographer to make the decision if it is worthwhile or not.

Motion Blur is available in Lens Effects - there is a choice of panning, Zoom, Spiral, Rotation, Shake and panning.

Thanks Angie…I’ll have to check again but I don’t recall them being able to do the same things.

Here is a comparison of Denoise and Studio’s Reduce Noise. Only the Noise feature was applied in DeNoise although there are a lot more features to play with.

Good points Eleanore.

[quote=“ellemat2, post:3, topic:2656”]
I also think that the Studio version might function better or easier than a similar function in one of the original plug-ins. [/quote]

That makes sense, and I agree. Seems like this easier functionality is one of the primary drivers behind Topaz’s Studio development and their integration of plugins.

Yes. And I think it makes sense for any of the Pro adjustments. For some, the convenience might be worth the price of the Pro Pack as I’m guessing it’s going to take awhile for Topaz to get many/most/all of the plugins updated into Studio. I’m good with using the plugins in the meantime. Plus I’m kinda cheap. :blush:

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