Reduce motion blur in video option?

Would love a model meant to reduce motion blur.

So maybe a lot quality video can be processed first with a general thing such as Proteus/Artemis, then reduce motion blur, and lastly, frame interpolation.

I would love this option as well! I think there’s several research papers on this topic.

It would bring a lot more clarity to lower FPS videos if we can first reduce blur and then do frame interpolation.

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Not sure what the etiquette is here, just noticed this separate thread for an almost identical feature request here: Add a AI model for motion blur removal

Maybe they can be merged by an admin?

I love that one too. To generalize this model it would be great to not only reduce motion blur but to even arbitrary adjust it(even increase, e.g. set it to a specific shutter angle). While the ai models do the optical flow very well, it should be possible to adjust the shutter angle based on the movement vector.
Since Avatar 2 we all have seen the impact of motion blur on the cinematic look and movements do look a lot smoother with motion blur, so I would address this as an enhancement, too, right?

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we are currently working on a motion deblur option, but it is still in a very early alpha state and will take some time until arrival. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I believe that is very challenging, but it looks very promising!

I guess, increasing blur will be much easier, so it would be great to consider this feature in future releases.
Standard tools like Resolve or RSMB often apply blur both on moving objects and static background. Since Topaz does a great job separating different moving objects and background in the frame interpolation modeks, I’m sure it could do much better job for applying motion blur.
Looking forward to any update:-)

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Will this help for out-of-focus videos that is not caused by motion? I am stunned at how well Sharpen AI can create a focused shot from when a camera was too busy focusing on a lamp instead of the subjects.

I dunno. :eyes:

Well, it depends on how the model is trained, but I guess the motion blur will mainly be reduced based on the optical flow, the movement of objects as analyzed in the previous and and next frame(s). As defocus is not a result of a lateral movementt, this won’t work here. However, e.g. the motion blur mode in photo Sharpen AI works for defocus as well, where the motion is estimated from a single frame. If this approach will be part of the VEAI model you’ll probably will be lucky here.
Right now I personally recommend using Proteus with the Sharpen and Detail slider for defocus. It does a great job.