"Reduce Machine Load" doesn't seem to be working

(regarding 2.4 on the Mac) It doesn’t look like the Reduce Machine Load option is actually reducing anything, as far as I can tell with all monitoring software I use.

It may just not be getting enabled at all - I can turn the switch “on” in preferences, but if I open preferences again then the switch is off.

There is no information available what “Reduce Machine Load” really means. I guess that it just puts VEAI into background processing with lower priority. Therefore you will not see any effect when your Computer has sufficient power to handle all active programs.

Sounds reasonable, I’d agree with you. Although…and I wouldn’t know if there’s another way to manage that, but the nice value stays at 19 regardless of the setting in preferences, which is pretty “nice” (har har). Then again, the issue of the setting not sticking when re-checking preferences remains - hard to know whether that setting is actually getting used and the UI is just not reporting the setting correctly, or if it’s never actually switched active/reniced. So I don’t really know if 19 is the standard or relaxed value.

I guess while on the general topic of CPU usage, I’ll add the following comments maybe for the devs:
<comment removed, I was confused about something unrelated>

  • I mentioned it in another thread, but is Chronos supposed to be CPU-only, no GPU? I wonder if it might be worth stating in the tooltip or the online FAQ which resource is used for a given model.

All in all, VEAI apparently is still very experimental. In Germany we would name it “Jugend forscht” (“Youth Researchers”, an official contest between school kids).

After I’ve been monkeying around with the Reduce Machine Load setting, VEAI locks up after every render completes. I couldn’t find a text-editable file that contained preferences, so guess I’ll be trying a full reinstall.

Reduce Machine Load will reduce the power draw behavior. It draws less power, performance will be reduced, depends on your GPU. Useful for multigpu systems.