Reddish egret on the fishing pier

Many birds were looking for a free lunch on the pier.


Nice capture …

Thank you, Don!

Nice shot and PP work, glad to see you posting again, how have you been?

Beautiful capture, and I agree with @cre8art - great seeing you posting again and hope you are doing well!

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Thanks @cre8art and @KenKv, I appreciate the comments.

I’m doing well—now. Has been a very rough couple of years with back pain. Tried everything short of getting the nerves in my spine severed and nothing worked. Now the nerves are cut and I’m feeling human again.

I have been watching the posts and enjoying the work of others all along though!:joy:


Good news and looking forward to you posting again… stay strong and don’t over do it.

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Lovely photo!

Thank you Peter!