Red Rock Glory

(Artisan-West) #1

Another photo from the Red Rock balloon rally.

(Kathy Rodgers) #2

Amazing shot! Love how your eye is drawn upward.

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(Artisan-West) #3

@Kathy_9 Thanks Kathy . As DeGrass Tyson says “Keep looking up” :star_struck:

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(Michigander) #4

Beckons to be on the wall!! Wonderful image.

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(Fotomaker) #5

Would make a wonderful poster for them - like a great stock shot there’s space to put text in the upper right… Very nice.

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(Xiao Lin) #6

Stunning shot! I agree with Michigander, The wall is waiting.

(Artisan-West) #7

On one side it is an easier climb, and you can see some people on the top.