Red Neon Happy Face

Processed this sculpture I came across with Glow first, then used Studio applying adjustments that I shared with community called Electric Neon. It may not work for all images?



Well done!

Thanks @Laundromat

Very cool. It reminds me of the comedy portion of the Comedy and Tragedy masks my mom had hanging on the wall when I was a kid.

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Thanks Kathy, now that you mention it, it does look like one of those masks.

well it certainly worked for this image … may have to track down some photos of sculptures to give it a try myself :slight_smile:

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Top notch work …very cool image.

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Nice work … great effect

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Awesome…i love the neon red…it shows up magnificently on the black depicting the face! Well Done!

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Thanks @ShazzyCo for the comment, but remember I used one of the neon presets in Glow first? Then made the other adjustments and shared preset in Studio afterwards.

Thanks very much @RatRodStudios, @AiDon and @brenda for the very complimentary comments. I’ve tried for a while to get this neon look with just using Glow but was never really successful? It was either the extra adjustments made in Studio or because of the image? Thanks again.

Very Nice!!

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Thanks much @techman for your comment.

Super job, John.

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concept is interesting

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Thanks very much @Klaidlaw and @el48tel for the comments and viewing.

Very nice find and great, creative processing!

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Thanks @KenKv for the comment, I appreciate the feedback.

Interesting! Looks more like a sketch than a sculpture.

Thank you @XiaoLin for your thoughts and comment.