Red eye

I don’t want red eyes change into dark eyes, some birds have red eyes.

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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

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Hi @mart.vissers, can you upload some before/after screenshots of this happening in Topaz Photo AI so we can see this in action? Also, if you can include the original file you were working please upload it to this thread here.

Hello Preston,

First I must tell that my Writing in Englisch is not very good, but I try my best.

I’am happy with Topaz, the pictures are must better.

I’am still learning to use the best settings.

Here is a example of the red eye wich turn into a “black” eye (the picture is 200%)

I have make some settings different and it improves the picture so the “problem” is not verry big.

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@mart.vissers Can you upload the original image here? I want to try it on my end to see if I also get the black eye.

Keep in mind, the AI models use existing image data so if the original lacks some detail, the models will may not produce the “perfect” result you’re looking for.

It looks like the red in the original may be partly from the noise like the red dots you see in the sky. I would have to test this with the image though to be sure.

The Raw image is to big to send, I can send it with WeTransfer.

You can use this dropbox link here instead :slight_smile:

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