Red dot issue DeNoise AI

I used a low light photo with the new v1.1.0 Denoise AI and it produced a big red dot. If I moved the Enhance Sharpness slider to max, the dot vanished. Using AI clear setting did not produce any dot. Except for this the program runs much faster now.

Denoise AI:

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This may be a one off issue as I have not encountered it on several other photos I tried. the work around is to set the enhance sharpness to max if you run into it. I will post another picture in the showoff area where Sharpen AI did an amazing job.

Having to move the Enhance Sharpness slider to max to eliminate artifact is ridiculous!

I’m having exactly the same issue? I just purchased this and running through lightroom…any fix to this?

The red spot in the original image appears to have occurred in a blown out spot in the image.
If that is the same in your situation, then perhaps masking out just that spot will resolve it for you.