Red and Silver

Another picture taken in Durango.

Another shot from the same show.


Very cool …

Very nice captures and framing . That first one is either a Buick, Olds or Pontiac but not a chevy for sure .

cool shots and excellent processing

I’m thinking Olds but I didn’t take a picture in the front so I don’t have a reference.

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Awesome …

Both beautiful car images and processing results. I think the first one is an Olds too, maybe a 54 Olds 88 Rocket?

Thanks John. I think you got it, of course these car guys modify things but the '54 looks very close.

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I think the chrome around the gas tank matches pretty well and would confirm my guess, knowing that they do modify there cars? Most of these car owners try to maintain the original details even when they consider modifying them?

The single chrome strip beneath the tank extending to the backup tail light is also a good match when compared to other models and years.

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The chopped and channeled '49 Merc has been my dream car for years. Had a buddy had one back in '57. Great images.

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Really like the first one - whatever brand it is