Recurring error message after most recent update

Thanks for sending the files. I made a task for my team so we can ignore this error as well.

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for the DNG and TIF output file sizes. Both are full size files so they are expected to be large as we do not have a compression algorithm that would decrease the file size significantly.

Dear Lingyu

Many thanks for the quick und helpful response.

Output File Sizes: I understand this. I had no intention to critique this as an issue of Topaz.
Besides, I have no issue with the DNG file sizes. I understand that they may become big if you apply lots of enhancements, depending on how much you crop.
Second Besides: It seems to me, that the resulting file size if using Topaz as a plugin is also depending on how the host application handles this. E.G. ON1 Photo Raw creates an additional separate .onphoto file with 2 layers. So you get an additional file with at least double the size of the original file on top of the original file.
And cropping in the host application does not help a lot.
That is one reason why I prefer to use Topaz as a stand alone application. If I crop there, I get indeed a proportionally smaller DNG file aside from the original file (if only light enhancements are applied).

Third Besides: I just denoised an image of a FOX, and got a very strange result. The details in face of the fox were just flattened, most of the hairs below the eyes just disappeared. Then I realised that Topaz was applying face recovery. It apparently determined that all the hairs in the face were blemishes to be removed. Interesting….
Again, this is no issue. I just should not forget to switch off face recovery when denoising photos of mammals. Anyway I normally switch it off in the autopilot settings because it saves time if Topaz is not searching for faces all over the place. But I had it switched on because I did some football photos recently, for which I appreciate face recovery a lot…

Face recovery is a killer feature of Topaz in my opinion!
I wouldn’t be able to share my football action pictures with a larger community without that. So, many thanks for this feature.

Best wishes
Thomas Meili

Dear Lingyu

One additional note: I didn’t experience the error messages re .xmp and .on1 files with the most recent v 1.3.5 anymore. So far so good.

I am hopeful that it stays that way.

Thomas Meili

Just now I got again the error message re .on1 file. So this is apparently not yet resolved in v1.3.5.


Thomas Meili

Hi @morusth, Lingyu is out of office until tomorrow but he’ll take a look as soon as he can once he’s back :slight_smile:

I just tested and got the error message as well. I spoke to my team and they said it will be in v1.3.6 (releasing today) but was not added to v1.3.5.

I appreciate your understanding about the other points above.

So far no error messages anymore with v1.3.6 when loading such images.

Thomas Meili

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