Recovery - Speed not working

I just downloaded Gigapixel 7.2 and while quality setting for recovery works like it did before nothing happens when I try the speed option for recovery. The progress bar makes no progress when doing a preview and face recovery is off. With face recovery on the progress bar is completed instantly across the area where it supposed to go but no actually work has been done and the image is still a blurry image in the preview box.
I have a iMac 2019 Running BigSur 11.7.1. I have 80GB of ram and 8GB of vram. Radeon Pro 580X


Can you share any screenshots or screen recordings of what you’re seeing?

If you would like, you can record a short video of what is happening. How to take a screen and video capture on Mac and Windows

If needed, please submit a ticket with our Support team and we can communicate with you more directly to help troubleshoot your conflict.