Recovery model Re-rendering

This bug still persists and is easy to re-create on my machine (RTX 3080 / Ryzen 3700X):

  1. Take a large image, over 6 MP
  2. Run the model by selecting “run recovery”
  3. Try to export the image a few times on different detail settings

Either somewhere in the creation of the following previews or the exporting of the image, the program will start to re-render the entire image, taking far longer than necessary by doing the same work again.

Thank you for reaching out and letting us know!

By chance are you using v7.2.2?

Hello Esther. Yes, I’m using version 7.2.2 but this problem has existed from the start for me. I just figured that more people would be reporting this and it would be solved in time without me reporting the bug myself. But since that didn’t happen I decided to post.

Just the other day the re-rendering happened even after the first workload. So I pressed run recovery and after it was done in ten minutes or so the preview updated correctly, but when trying to export the image without changing the details slider the app started working again and took an additional ten minutes to actually create the file.

It only happens with larger images. For lower resolutions this never seems to happen.

Hope this helps and can be resolved.