Recovering Faces detects too many Faces

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Steps to reproduce issue:

When I try to Recovering Faces option Topaz Photo AI detects 3 faces.
The picture doesn’t contain 3 faces.
How do I set it to only detect one face?

Topaz Photo AI [v1.4.4] on [Windows]

Topaz Photo AI is made to work with smaller faces. If the face takes up the entire screen then the application will detect the face and break it up into smaller sections to improve.

Is the output working as expected?

No, keeping it set to 3 faces gives a bad result. After selecting just the middle border covering the eyes and mouth the result was a bit better. But definetly not as stunning as another bad quality photo with a face filling almost the whole photo. However that one was taken from the front and the head wasn’t tilted.


Using Remove Noise and Sharpen would likely be better for this image since the face is so large.

Face Recovery is made for low quality faces. It was not trained for this specific use case.

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