Recovering faces: allow use of reference photo

I’ve seen other posts that dance around this topic, but none specific to recovering faces.

With low resolution or blurry photos, Photo AI frequently produces facial results that do not match the actual person. It has no way to know this, so it would help to be able to submit a reference photo of the person or persons being recovered so Photo AI can “learn” what the face should actually look like.

In the “Recover Faces” section of the UI, there could be a button that asks “Faces don’t look right?” Pressing this button would open a modal and allow upload of another headshot of the person in question. This could help improve facial recognition and, over time, as Photo AI continues to learn, mean it’s no longer necessary to upload a reference photo of a specific person.

I have also seen this request here:

And in both cases I have voted for it. This would be my number 1 enhancement request!

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Hope it comes someday. Im searching for this in GitHub, but dont find something easy to do like: Put 10-20 HD images and let the program run to upscale a face.

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This would be my number 1 enhancement request too!

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