Recovering 23.976 or 24fps from 29.97 etc

Hi folks. Lovely software, enjoying myself, etc.

My mission is to restore the correct film frame-rate to Blu-Ray discs in my collection that were mastered in 1080i / 29.97fps. The trick, however, is that some of these seem to have a basis in “real” 24fps source material, and others are “natively” 23.976.

This means I have to stare at the source pretty hard to understand whether, in Topaz, I should be targeting 23.976 or 24 as my frame-rate for output.

Two questions, then:

  • Is there a nice way to tell which type of material my source is, without deletelcine’ing it and looking for judder?
  • Is there a way to avoid using Iris/Enhancement to do this? It seems like I need it to enable deinterlacing at all, but wow it’s expensively slow. Can “Chronos” or “Apollo” do this on its own? It doesn’t seem so?

Thanks for any insight you can offer.

You should be able to use an app like MediaInfo to read the file and see what the frame rate is, if it is interlaced/progressive and all the other metadata for it.

To de-interlace a file you will need to run one of the models under the Enhancement tab from the Interlaced or Interlaced Progressive video mode.

Using Chronos or Apollo under Frame Interpolation will only change the frame rate and will not effect the interlaced aspect.

Thanks! My (tough) example at the moment is “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin”, which should be a progressive 24fps film; it was shot on film etc etc.
Unfortunately, the Blu-ray is 29.97 1080i, and not directly able to be detelecined.

Does Chronos/Apollo “just” decimate when I target a lower framerate? I think no, and they always reconstruct everything before picking the best frames for the target rate?