Recover Original Detail, Preserve Eye Color, Keyboard Shortcuts (August 2023)

Recover original detail when removing noise

Removing all noise can sometimes make an image appear unnaturally smooth. To fix this, you can now add original image detail back into your denoised result:

Increase the Recover Original Detail slider to intelligently blend luminance detail back into your image while still removing all color noise. While not necessary for all images, it can improve how natural images appear without compromising on noise reduction quality:

The effect you get from this this slider would be similar to an “Add Grain” feature, except the extra detail comes from the original image instead of artificially generated grain. Recover Original Detail is currently only available for non-raw images, but we will add it to Raw Remove Noise soon as well.

Preserve eye color when recovering faces

Face Recovery will no longer change eye color when enhancing faces. This applies to all photos but is especially noticeable in B&W or sepia images (image available here):

You can now also better control where to apply face recovery in Preferences → Autopilot. Change this setting if you see abrupt transitions between recovered areas and the rest of the image:

Please let us know what else you’d like to see to improve Face Recovery.

Speedy keyboard shortcuts

You can now access commonly-used features through new keyboard shortcuts. You can see the full list with Ctrl+/ (Win) or +/ (Mac), but here are some of our favorites:

  • Quick save
    • Ctrl/+S to open export dialog…
    • then Enter to immediately start export
  • Previewing
    • Ctrl/+1 for 100%, Ctrl/+0 for Zoom to Fit
    • Ctrl/ + to zoom in, Ctrl/ - to zoom out
    • Alt/+1/2/3 to switch between single, split, and side-by-side previews
  • Change modes:
    • C to crop, M to select subject, F to select faces, and T to select text
    • Add Shift for a quick preview: e.g. Shift-M will display the currently selected subject without changing modes
    • After making your adjustments, press Enter to save or Esc to cancel

We’re big fans of keyboard shortcuts, and we hope that these make navigating Photo AI feel smoother and faster.

Other improvements

Inspired by your feedback, we’ve also improved the user experience in many other smaller ways since last month:

  • Moved processing status indicator from bottom-left to under the navigator
  • Added TensorRT models for Preserve Text that improve performance and prevents crashes on some Nvidia cards
  • Fixed occasional Photoshop plugin saving issues
  • Canceling export now correctly cancels processing
  • Improved resize by inch/centimeter display and experience
  • When importing an already-open image, preview now switches to that image instead of doing nothing
  • Added tooltips to models and settings in the right panel
  • Re-organized and added dropdown menu items
  • Fixed Lightroom Classic plugin duplicating images sometimes
  • Fixed issue with some converted Nikon files
  • Fixed auto-upscaling being off by a few pixels
  • Fixed issue where changing lens correction in plugin mode would close the app
  • Fixed issue where files would sometimes overwrite other files due to a race condition
  • Exporting the same file multiple times now correctly increments file name
  • Fixed some models getting re-downloaded when updating
  • Fixed CLI not upscaling
  • Smaller UI improvements, bug fixes, and better error handling

For a full list of improvements, see the changelogs for v1.5, v1.4.3, v1.4.2, v1.4.1.


We’re working on several new exciting features in the pipeline based on your feedback:

  • High-quality Removal brush that runs on your local hardware
  • Simple ML exposure and color correction tool
  • Improve Raw Remove Noise with improved demosaicing, better strong noise removal, and better overall handling of raw files
  • Improve Sharpen model quality
  • New Automate plugin that allows you to upscale within Photoshop
  • Fix occasional blurry patches or inconsistent detail caused by Upscaling tiling issues (beta discussion here)
  • Improve batch processing stability and performance

Many of these improvements should be generally available within the next few months. Please join our beta testing group if you’d like to help shape new features in development. Thanks for using Topaz Photo AI, and please let us know what else you’d like to see in the product!


It would be great if we could mark some Hair-Areas with a brush, that they also get recovered! Because often it happens that Areas are not correct recognized…


And please make an Option to completely disable the Auto-Pilot, so we could set all settings manual only :wink::+1:


Even though what you quoted & the capability you suggested aren’t related, I like your idea of having the ability to totally disable A.P. if desired.

But, only after the high priority to develop an integrated scaling feature for the Ps Plugin (Ps File > Automate menu functionality). :wink:

THIS! Completely manual controls are a MUST! Batch enhancing is a horror if you must change settings for every single picture :grimacing:


Personally I disagree about completely disabling Autopilot as it is still needed to process to create a image from a RAW file. Noise reduction and Sharpening are a pre-process for interpreting a RAW image.

But, after Autopilot I think you should be able to apply manual settings to a batch process … BUT … not on RAW images.


Completely disabling the Auto-Pilot must be of course optional!

Sure the Photoshop-Automate Integration has priority, but I don’t want to wait everytime I upscale a picture in Photoshop a so long time for the Auto-Pilot first :wink:

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Thank you so much. Much easier to work on the images now while testing different settings.

I have another suggestion for the right panel. As I find it sometimes difficult to determine which sliders and buttons belong to which subpanels or even to find the subpanel I’m looking for when some of them are already open, I’d like them to be more visually delineated. I made two samples of visuals that would work better for me (and hopefully for others as well), quick and dirty, with my screengrab app:

Recover Original Detail does not work on raw images yet? At least not on my end. :eyes:

No it is only available for non-RAW images at this time.

ah, okay!

Looks excellent. Could you describe the differences between Photo AI and Sharpen AI please?



i downloaded topaz photo ai beta and it works.on the top right hand corner it has 3 updates avalible .
when i download and instal these updates it will not work

yes because there was a typo mistake in the version number. do not install the updates, they are obsolete.


The thing we use most in the studio right now with Adobe’s generative fill is removing distracting objects in images and adding areas that are outside the images.

Of course, what bothers us is that everything runs in the cloud.

And that the quality is no better than for small images like Instagram.

So the generative stuff I can’t use for the quality I want to retrieve, it’s just too bad.

The comparison-based tool creates more work than it solves.

Generative filled.