Recover Original Detail on Iris

Can you please enable Recover Original Detail on Iris in Interlaced Progressive Mode?

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It’s probably disabled because there is no obvious way to mix interlaced frames with deinterlaced frames and not add back all the scan lines.

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But it would be possible if VideoAI bring back the original Details from an de-interlaced Version from the same Video, but without Enhance-Filters.

Yes. Do two passes: One to deinteralce and one to enhance. You can use another tool to deinterlace.

Interlaced progressive footage is for videos that have been improperly deinterlaced into progressive videos with scan lines in them. Like @ForSerious mentioned if we enable this option it will add scan lines back in the output.
There will be an option soon to run multiple enhancement filters, so you can use interlaced progressive enhancement using Dione first and then use iris with recover original details.