Recommended v5 version?

Is there any stable minor version in the v5 series that you’d recommend?

The previously stable ones were 3.5.4 and 4.1.0 which I’ve relied on for actual use.
Looking at the release notes for 5.x it seems even buggier than the previous ones, but as usual, users will report specific problems with each release, perhaps painting a bleaker picture of the release state than what it actually is. Thus the question; If you’re relying on 5.x for production use, then it’d be great if you could mention which version. If still on 4.x, then why.

PS. I’m still on 4.1.0 since only 4.x offers the new Iris and Proteus models, which I need. For now I can live with the broken multi-clip setting assignment bug, and the finicky preview update refusal. The core features actually work though.

if you don’t need Nyx v3 and/or Pause / Resume / Crash recovery function, you can stay on v4.x for now.

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