Recommended Parameters for Old Sitcoms

For 480i content, I’ve generally had the best results by deinterlacing in another program first, and then using Artemis Low Quality along with some added grain. The grain gives a more natural look and also serves to cover up some of the weird artifacts (like when it’s trying to recover a small face).

I also don’t really have the patience for tweaking Proteus… it seems to be a much more conservative model than Artemis.

Since this was an 80’s sitcom, it was shot on film. Are you processing an inverse telecine to bring it to 23.976fps first? This will give you a cleaner starting point because it’s extracting the existing progressive frames instead of losing detail using a deinterlace filter.

It’s generally known that the show I’m working on was shot on SD tape. It’s actually already been studio-remastered to “1080p” (in name only) and the remaster was hardly an improvement. Hence why I feel safe investing my time in AI upscaling – there’s no chance of anything better coming out, other than better AI models.

I haven’t been able to get Artemis to produce anything natural so I’m sticking with Proteus for now. The best results I’ve gotten so far were with manual, adjusting the auto-estimate to:
Revert Compression 55
Recover Details 16
Sharpen 23
Reduce Noise 2
Dehalo 34
Anti-Alias/Deblur 7

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I would say that 23 is a little heavy on Sharpen, but that’s probably countered by the 34 in Dehalo.

And if all else fails blending multiple models together could give a better result…

yes, dehalo removes black contours due to compression