Recommended GPU


Been using topaz products for about a month now. I’m generally pleased with what I can achieve with them. It literally saved old content but also disappointed me quite a few times too.

I guess the most annoying would be the really huge processing time required for some content. And on that matter I am looking to upgrade my PC with a recent GPU that could speed up the processing of the Topaz products, most importantly VideoEnhance. Do you have a few recommended GPU models? I have no clue how much a decent GPU for that use would be so I would be interested in propositions from middle to high-end hardware.


Largely depends on how much you want to spend. Unfortunately, the global chip shortage has applied upward price pressure lately.,4388.html

Wow the prices are… well I remember the times when 500 USD would get you a very good GPU.

I honestly have no clue, I don’t play video games anymore and back in the days I was following these things professionnal softwares for video or 3D rendering were to be used with “professionnal” cards (mainly from nvidia). Is it still true today ? Based on your first link, what average card would you recommend ? I come from an antique AMD R9 that is about 5 yrs old now.

The problem (to me) is that Topaz products show inferior quality when use GPU compared to CPU. But CPU processing time is slow, particularly with recent generation of Topaz products. Therefore, while I do have a suitable GPU, I run old versions of Topaz products in CPU mode and find this the only useful option for me.

While the AI apps run very acceptable times for me on a $150 AMD RX570 I have to say that I don’t use the video apps at all. I would expect the GPU performance is even more critical for video processing since, I assume, they process frame-by-frame? If so, it would seem the processing required would be significantly higher, but someone else may be able to chip in on that.