Recommended GPU for Gigapixel, DeNoise, and Sharpen AI

I’m starting to spec a new Windows build that can process the AI products relatively quickly. I haven’t done this in years and could use some advice on the best GPU and CPU choices. Do the AI products have a recommended GPU memory level? Does Nvidia vs. AMD Radeon matter? Re: CPU, are the AI products designed with Intel or AMD in mind or is this irrelevant. I’m leaning towards a 10th generation Intel i9 10850K with 10 cores, but I’m open to suggestions. Thanks.

Here are their current recommendations.

Topaz Labs List Of Studio 2 System Requirements

Gigapixel AI

Sharpen AI

Denoise AI

Adjust AI

Mask AI


Video AI

Can’t visit the link!

Not surprising, considering that it’s three years later.

What is the good GPU for faster upscaling in gigapixel ai?

Good question and something I’m looking into at the moment. With new AI software it is demanding of gpu memory, Topaz is the worst, I use.

It depends on your budget but also what computer and power supply you have. You can’t always just bung in a better gpu, it needs to be compatible.

I’m looking the RTX 4060, that is favourite at the moment. Needs 550w psu.

The Remove tool requires 8gb vRam, minimum. Most other sw will run on 2 or 4gb.