Recent VEAI 2.6.4 slowdown

Does anyone happen to know if some models of VEAI 2.6.4. were updated at the same time as the 3.0 release?

I’m seeing a dramatic decrease in speed when upscaling DVD rips at 400% (I’ve tried Gaia HQ and Proteus) in version 2.6.4. I haven’t installed 3.0. I usually get speeds of around 0.35 second/frame, but now I’m at 2.10 seconds/frame (pretty much unusable). I’ve never seen such slow speeds on this computer and it started on the same day as 3.0 was released.

I’m on a Mac Studio Ultra. I’ve made sure in the settings that VEAI is still using the GPU and not the CPU.

Has anyone else still on 2.6.4 experienced this? I’m wondering if some models may have gotten updated without me realizing it…


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