Recent releases of Video AI not honoring output bit rate

  1. The bug / behavior you have encountered
    I have the default export bit rate set to 12 Mb/s, constant, CODEC is H265, profile Main. Regardless of my export settings, the output file’s bit rate is never 12 Mb/s, and almost always lower than the input file’s bit rate.
    This has been going on for a few versions now. I believe it worked at first with the 5.X.X series, but now even if I install an older version this behavior persists.

  2. Your system profile
    DxDiag.txt (103.4 KB)

  3. Your log files (Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support) (822.8 KB)

  4. Any screenshots as necessary
    I don’t believe screenshots will clarify anything. I am happy to upload the video from the logs, but this problem happens regardless of the input video, enhancement and interpolation settings.

PS: I’m pretty sure this is a “me” problem. Would like to know how to fix it…

Sending your logs and details to the team for further review to see what is going on. Can you clarify what other versions of the app you have tested this in since you mentioned you have rolled back and still see it.

Hey Kyle,

Thanks for reaching out. I rolled back as far as 5.0.2 and still see this issue. As part of the rollback I deleted all traces of TVAI I found - presets, models, cache directories etc.

I am reasonably positive, though not :100:, that it worked when I moved to TVAI 5 from TVAI 4. This weekend I can try rolling way back to 4.2.2.


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