Reboots continue

The program is doing a fantastic job on my 35,000 plus pics. But I continue to get regular reboots on both my PC and laptop. The program will be faultless for a few hundred photos during the day, but then it will start to reboot the computer. Mostly I can get back to stability by rebooting and waiting for 10 minutes or so before attempting more photos.

I had BSOD and PC reboots due to audio copy mode or convert to AAC - output/codec Nvidia 264

when I used Chronos(fast) interpolation and IRIS deinterlacing(x2)

the funniest thing is that BSODs and PC reboots are only for Topaz Video
and other softwares with the same settings do not crash, they save video without sound

Hi @philip.hunt did you intend to post this in the Topaz Video AI section? This sounds related to photo and not video. Please let me know if this is in the correct section.

If you are running into BSOD, you would want to write in to support so that we can collect the necessary documents from you to look into this.

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