Reboots and closing before ending batch

I continue to get Reboots or, less often, Topaz Photo AI just exits without finishing a batch.

I am running 1.4.3

See attachments. Where do I do attachments?

use the upload icon

I can review the logs once you upload them to figure out what is happening.

Please also send your system profile. Visit this page, select your operating system (Windows or Mac) and click “Find Your System Profile”. Send me the system profile so I can check your system specs.
Topaz Photo AI System Requirements

DxDiag.txt (89.7 KB)
2023-08-03-15-34-41.tzlog (12.6 KB)
2023-08-03-15-16-43.tzlog (303.3 KB)
2023-08-03-14-47-28.tzlog (580.1 KB)
2023-08-03-14-45-37.tzlog (97.1 KB)
2023-08-03-14-37-45.tzlog (60.2 KB)

It looks like this is a crash with the CPU. How often does this happen?

What are the circumstances that cause this on your computer?

I installed an NVIDIA 1030 and upgraded the power supply to 860W. That seems to have fixed it.

Wonderful news, I’m glad to hear it’s working now.

Please reach out if you need anything else. Have a great day!