Rearrange file processing order before rendering

Sometimes when I have setup a number of clips for processing, I want to change the order because I may have decided along the way that clips number 7 and 3 should be processed first so I can work on them first.Currently I have to select those two clips, output them then come back and reselect the rest. Or delete the files and try to remember the setup for each of them when I re-add.

It’s particularly a pain when processing overnight if I add a clip that is going to take 7 hours to process and it’s first on the list but I would like to wake up to the other 6 processed and the 7hour one still running. Do you know what I mean?

It would really help if once you add all your files you could drag or drop them into the order you would like them to be rendered. Could you look at options like that please?

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I want this feature too!