Read remaining disk space and display warning if file exceeds space

So now I’m on my 3rd attempt at processing a huge file that painfully has made it 90% of the way only to fail due to running out of drive space at the end, ugh! I cannot tell you after hours of processing how terrible it is to completely lose what has been processed only to have rinse and repeat again.

Topaz Labs PLEEZ do two things: 1. add a drive space calculation and warning prior to beginning processing so you can make space for the current project 2. IF you hit drive space limits during processing add the ability to save the current level of processed file so you can finish after clearing room rather than having to wait hours-again, to fully reprocess.

Other than that, this is a super cool tool, totally love it, THANK YOU!

What product are you talking about?

Thx for your response. Topaz Video AI. I’m up converting and removing grain from 4k 30p 4min footage which takes 9hrs to process…and on an 8 core 32 thread i9 intel CPU with solid graphics card too. So having to reprocess is an entire day, very painful…having drive space warnings and/or ability to pick up where processing stopped would be a life saver

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VEAI should know when an operation could fill a disk and at least warn the user. I’m not sure exactly how it should be done, but anything would definitely be appreciated. As it is right now, it will just keep writing until the disk is absolutely full and then it totally freezes.

When exporting you don’t really know the output file size in all but one case - uncompressed frames. Still, that’s 1/3 of the options, so it should be doable (calculate the number of output frames, multiply by frame size, report export total size, cry).

Or just pause the processing, but that would require pause capability to be added.

Glad to of the work towards this.

Also you’d have to be present to hit pause which is understandable with an overnight run.

Sorry, I was completely unclear in my earlier comment.

What I wanted to say was that Video Ai itself would automatically pause whenever the free disk space dropped below a certain threshold. Then once space is freed up, Video AI can automatically resume.

Ok understood, thank you!

Displaying the expected “file size” ! > MB, GB > when selecting the format quality ( ProRes, mp4, mov, etc.) + MBit/s before file export would be fantastic !!!

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