Re Sharpen Ai Pink Cast to Images...?

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A friend of mine took my advice and downloaded Sharpen Ai Trial version , v2.2.2 , for his Nature Photography . He is using a Canon T6i/750D DSLR with sRGB colorspace . He has an AMD A10-7800 PC with 12Gb RAM and an AMD Radeon R7 GPU . His CR2 RAW Files are around 30Mb . Problem…when he imports the RAW File into Sharpen Ai , it takes on a pink cast in the very bright white sections of the Image . If the RAW File is viewed with a RAW Viewer there is no pink cast . Anyone have any ideas where to start looking ?
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Please raise a support request at the main website and provide a sample so the devs can determine what the issue is.

I will . Thanks !


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