Re-instating deleted TS2 filter presets

Hi folks, I would value some assistance please and maybe what happened to me will be a lesson for others!

I was working my way through the various filters to try to locate old favourites from pre-TS2 and got to ‘Abstraction’ and realised that there is another category of adjustments one can apply when in a particular filter and this is under the ‘Apply Presets’ drop-down menu. For instance, under Abstraction it provided I think 5 presets one could select from, some of which were quite promising.

Unfortunately, after I tried each preset, I hit the delete button for a particular preset, not realising this deleted it from the presets completely!

Is there any way to reinstate the presets? Under the Abstraction filter I seem to have deleted 3 of the presets in this way.

Many thanks, Sean

I would see the only way forward for you would be to uninstall and then reinstall which should have all the presets. Also make sure the Program folder for TS2 is removed completely. and if you are on Windows go to the local appdata folder and delete the contents of the Looks folder in the Topaz Studio 2 folder.

The Local Appdata folder for Topaz Studio 2 can be found by typing “%localappdata%\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio 2” in the explorer search bar (without the quotes) then delete the contents of the Looks folder.

thanks Don and again for the prompt comment/suggestion.

It seems that the lesson for us all is not to delete the optional presets under the Apply Presets drop-down under each filter unless we are certain we will never again want to use that particular preset. Once you hit ‘delete’ it is gone unless you uninstall and reinstall TS2!

I was hoping not to have to uninstall but realise this is probably the only way forward - as I am early into it (TS2) I will not lose too much. I should have mentioned I am on Mac so the process will be slightly different but I get the drift, thanks - appreciate the help.

I just checked another post on Mac and it seems the Application Data folders are at:

On Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Topaz Labs/Topaz Studio 2

thanks for the Mac pointer

hi Don - I assume you are in contact with the folk at Topaz as I don’t seem to be able to get a response from them?

May I suggest they add another button alongside the ‘Apply preset’ drop-down saying something like ‘Disable preset’, otherwise if one has gone in to look at the impact of a preset, and clicked on one or more, how does one then disable it?

At present you only have the option of saving it as a new one (if you have fiddled with an existing one) or deleting it altogether. In the latter case I am sure some unsuspecting folk will do what I did and delete otherwise useful presets, never to be seen again. Many thanks.

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Rather than ‘Disable preset’, I think there should be a “Reset” button that returns the filter to its default settings as there was in Studio 1.

In Studio 1 the ‘Delete Preset’ option was not active (greyed out) for standard presets and only became active for personally saved ones. If that same functionality was incorporated in Studio 2 it would prevent inadvertent deletion of the standard presets.

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There is, next to the name of the filter there is a reset symbol …


But the default presets shouldn’t be able to be deleted.


Oops, so there is. Thanks for pointing that out. Can’t believe I missed that.

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thanks folks - great input. Like the point about not being able to delete the default presets. How does one convey this to Topaz to get it on to their list or do they read what’s on the forum?

hi Don - just been into my system to uninstall/reinstall TS2 on my Mac (to get back the previously deleted presets for the Abstraction filter) and did not see ~/Library/Application Support/Topaz Labs/Topaz Studio 2 in the sense that under /Topaz Labs/ the next lot of sub-folders comprised various filters (from Topaz and TS1) including one for Topaz Studio but not for Topaz Studio 2. Under the folder Topaz Studio/ aforesaid the only sub-folder was /Plug-ins. Thanks

Looks like they may have changed the file locations in Studio 2 as this is the basic location, unless the presets are in the user library: