I see a few (small number) folk have their “labels” returned - a sign of things to come? or is there to be a session of “hoop jumping”?

For now, only the primary functions as are strictly necessary, have been restored. I have yet to add all the moderators back to their previous status (I’ll be doing that soon), or add the beta tester group back to the site (which will require those users to log back in, first).

I’ve been giving it some time, because naturally many people need to log back in before I can make an effective sweep of those two tasks. There are also a few plugins we need to get reinstalled, but they’re low priority unfortunately. For now, my focus is on Support Tickets. With so many “bad” things happening over the last 6-8 weeks, we’ve gotten a bit backed up several requests sent to us during that period.

Most of the people waiting on me at the moment have been communicated with - but we do have several requests to catch up on from Thursday to now, thanks to the national holiday :slight_smile:

We’re going as quickly as we can. Also, we may be getting some additional, dedicated help in support soon… :wink: