Raw to DNG quality issue from Photo AI

I’ve been having weird stuff happening with PhotoAI (1.3.0) , so I decided to do a compare against Gpix (6.3.3), both running under Win10 Pro 21H1. The right-hand image (sorry for the big file, I’m not too familiar with the interface here) is a DNG derived by PhotoAI from a Minolta raw file (MRW) using the File/Plug-in Extras dialog in Lightroom. It’s a 2x enhancement, with Autopilot settings (I’ve played around with other settings too). The colored blobs in the mirror among the tree branches do not show in the preview, only the dng output. The image on the left is the same raw file converted by Lightroom to TIF and then processed by Gpix at 2x with the HQ model. The PhotoAI image is better overall, but what the heck is the garbage in the DNG file?

Any ideas?


We’re aware of this issue and are working on fixing it.

Thanks Eric, I appreciate the reply and I’ll be watching for the fix. Overall I like the product a lot…


Could you send me the original file so I can try to reproduce this and share with the developers? It looks like the overexposed area is clipping and the color is shifted.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

If this artifact appears, it would be best to use the TIF processing as you had done.

Hi Lingyu, the file is there - 20040910_121506.mrw. It’s a Minolta raw file. It appears that output to DNG is affected; I do not see the issue in JPG or TIF.


Thanks for sending the file. I reproduced the issue and reported it to my team so we can look into this.

It does look like this issue is RAW only with overexposed areas.

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