RAW support from all cameras

Yes, you use libraw to download raw images and libraw has a list of cameras it supports. Topaz Photo AI can load any dng file, but if the camera is not supported, color shifting happens. After talking to libraw tech support, they gave me some advice on this. Quote: “color shift occurs” - please use the color matrix the DNG contains. For DNG files, matrices in LibRaw are only fallbacks. So the color shift problem can be solved by reading the dng color matrix data. There is a question of correction of photo optics, but it is not so difficult, it can be corrected manually in the editors. The only pressing issue is the color shift, which will take quite a long time to correct.
Thank you for your attention.

In Topaz Photo AI v1.2.10 we improved color rendering on many raw files, including some DNGs. Are you still having issues with color shift with this version? If so, please attach one of the dng files and we can take a look.

Unfortunately yes, there is still a problem with the color shift. I will leave some DNG shots here. I’m also attaching a DNG shot of the color wheel, hopefully this will make it easier for you to work around the color distortion. But after the update I noticed another problem, now I can’t open the DNG file after processing in Topaz and saving it in DNG format. Previously this was not, yes, the colors shifted, but I still could open the pictures after processing in Photoshop and other programs, with this version, no, and perhaps with 1.2.9 as I did an update to 1.2.10 with version 1.2.8. Photoshop and Camera RAW updated to the latest version. Thank you!
PXL_20230308_143625599.dng (13.2 MB)
PXL_20230308_161612234.dng (13.9 MB)
PXL_20230407_185345612.dng (16.8 MB)