RAW processing - application of Photoshop XMP info during RAW pre-processing into PhotoAI


My historical workflow for RAW pics was to process in Adobe Camera RAW to adjust lighting, export as TIFF, crop and straighten in another package and then process through Topaz Photo AI. TPAI has dramatically improved my processing times over using the individual Topaz apps which is absolutely great.

Based on the recent TPAI updates to apply XMP info to RAW files, i decided to update my workflow to using Adobe camera RAW (ACR) to adjust contrast, shadows etc + perform cropping / straightening and then save info to XMP sidecar files with a plan to then process the RAW files directly inside TPAI. This would save a big interim step of exporting and manipulating large TIFF files.

Didn’t quite work out as planned. TopazAI doesn’t appear to apply the cropping / straightening information contained within the XMP sidecar file. Did i miss something? Hoping this will get added.

Additionally, although the contrast and other lighting info in the XMP seems to get applied during the RAW import into TPAI , the resulting images are very “flat”. If i reprocess these through ACR in “auto” mode then the “pop” get put back into them.

Is there a problem with how the ACR XMP info is getting applied by TPAI?



No applications will apply ACR settings, do the processing after or export to Photo AI with the settings applied.