RAW Normal & Strong v2 and Sharpen Standard v2 Model Discussion

Hi Cameron
I have noticed that the Sharpen standard V2 in auto setting, oversharpen subjects with fur or feathers about 20-25%. Especially when shot with shallow debth of field.
I have been using photo AI since it was launched and am very impressed with the improvements you have given the program to this date.
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The V2 model leaves very noticeable artifacts on portraits, especially on skin and hair. We want some mild sharpening in the eyes, hair, lips and so on. It overdoes it.

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Sharpen Standard v2 in autopilot significantly oversharpens ARW images. My images rarely need sharpening but if they do, Standard v2 is not the app I will turn to. The results are unacceptable and create unnatural looking image.

Not sure if you call this (checkerboard pattern on bird) an artifact or what but it doesn’t show up with Sharpen Standard. Only Standard v2.

Previously I would have said that I preferred Standard v2 to Standard due to v2 being less heavy handed by default, but I have also experienced some excessive sharpening (harsh results) in my last batch of images.

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I know this is going to be a totally unpopular bit of feedback. I shoot with a Fujifilm XT5. The older versions of Photo AI was way better. I now find myself reverting back to the old standalone DeNoise model. I find artifacts in parts of my images. I also find that there is ‘glitter’ with the sharpen V2 even when I drop down the AI suggested version. It is, sadly leaving my images with kind of ‘fuzzy’ borders on the sharpened subject. I shoot mostly birds and often in poor light. It feels like the product is going from my go to sharpen/denoise option to one I cannot successfully use.

Totally agree!

Hi to all.

I’m not a fan of the Standard v2 sharpening method:

I have made some test and I always have some RGB noise that comes into the image.
Sometimes it is even worse than the original noise, which isn’t the purpose I suppose.
Many mention it happens in darker areas, in my tests, it happens everywhere, even in lighter and midtone areas.

I have made 3 screenshots: without, standard, standard v2
On the standard v2 screenshot, I have added some arrows to point to the most obvious areas.
But it is present in the whole image, except in the bokeh.

I hope you don’t remove the standard (v1), till this RGB noise is solved.

Something very annoying while using Photo AI.
It always selects Standard v2, even when in the preferences I selected the Standard (v1)
It results in unnecessary mouse clicks .

Anyway, thanks for the great job, cause this applications is really top notch and a lifesaver.
A great day to the team.


I like the noise reduction of Topaz Photo AI for the background but I almost always find it takes too much “grain” out of the subject making it look too smooth. I wish it didn’t do this as I almost always have to “erase” the subject out of the layer to make it not look so fake which makes me use the software less. This is the case even when using the “sharpen” options.

Does it help at all if you alter your thresholds for Denoising in your PAI Preferences settings? Or, if you try different models?

Are you working with Raw or non-Raw images? You can set thresholds for both in the Edit > Prefs.

Ah no! I updated my Topaz Photo Ai, and the old standard sharpen is gone! Anyone know if you can roll back to the previous update??

Sorry for the hefty responses, but if anyone wants to roll back:


It’s simple. No need to raise blood pressure…

Just uninstall current release.

Go to Product Releases tab in discussion forum.

Download older installer.


I never update in app. I download new installers from place I’ve mentioned. Then, if something goes south, I have handy on my PC an archive of recent installers at my ready disposal to re-install.

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Thank you - I was only panicked because I was in the middle of editing a big project for a client and didn’t know how I was going to make the sharpening look natural anymore. Found the rollback and it worked :raised_hands:

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Been there!!! And, it’s not a good feeling when in a time crunch… Glad you got back to a rel. you feel good working with, okay!

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I just downloaded the latest version and I can’t find the Version 2 of this noise and sharpen models. When it will be available?

The sharpen and denoise standard now automatically is V2.

Unfortunately no possibility to use the imo better earlier V1 models.

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I think what you’re seeing is that the v. 2 models have replaced the v. 1 models (they were both in the product for a while for users to test and comment/vote on). Now that there’s just one option to use, there’s no longer a v.1 & v.2 designation.

The Topaz team decided they preferred to go with what had been the v.2 model and replaced the prior v.1 model with it after assessing user comments.

You can roll back to earlier versions if you want. I had to do this, and I just haven’t upgraded for the last 4 iterations.

I am still seeing this, and it has made some images unusable.

Frustrating, since now I have to buy this product again just to see if the new version works better, after previous “updates” have made it unusable. I hope I can find a way to backtrack versions until I find one that works.

You can always do free trials 1st…

And, several (2-3) prior releases’ installers are always included on the product releases tab for a given product in the discussion forum. In case you feel the need to roll back to an earlier version you’ve paid for.