RAW Normal & Strong v2 and Sharpen Standard v2 Model Discussion

Hello, in almost every image (I use Photo AI as a plugin in Photoshop) Sharpen > Standard is better, sometimes even much better than Standard v2. It would be disastrous if Standard were to be eliminated.
Where can I send a sample image?
Regards, Jens

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If you go to the top of this thread, is there a Dropbox link you can send exs directly to Topaz?

And/or, use the up arrow icon in these post boxes. But for something like sharpening, it may help them to see an actual set of outputs vs screen shots.

Descriptively, what do you prefer about Std? Is it a bit softer than v2, less halo-ing? What’s better to you?

I notice this to in my images, very annoyingThis is caused by enabling Autopilot > auto enable filters

I feel that standard V2 sharpens too much

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Personally had mixed results but most of my landscapes seem better than v1 (much less white/colour lines generated at lower sharpening levels - i felt it made chromatic aberration to be of no concern compared to what Photo AI was doing. Halo’ing as others have mentioned).

A big concern is when I have to manually select noise reduction, the resulting sharpening is nothing like the original sharpen. Selecting noise reduction makes the resulting sharpening exaggerated.

In addition, I found the AI to generally over-sharpen for my preference. I would like to see an options/setting where you can adjust a preference slider which would apply to all sharpen edits but you could still tweak as required. Or even a low/normal AI/high preference (or range of 5). Based on other comments above I’m not alone in thinking the AI is too strong. I too usually reduce the strength at least half (most of the time). Hence maybe an AI that is somewhere in the mid-range with options for personal preference to be very low, low, normal AI, high, very high)

Using PS plugin

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Both v1 and v2 tend to over sharpen to my eye, but v2 much more so which often results in strange artifacts. I tend to reduce the strength by at least half most of the time for v1, even more with v2 to get natural looking photos. After reducing the strength, I generally prefer v1, though in some cases v2 does a better job (e.g., fine details as long as you don’t go overboard on the amount of sharpening). V2 might complement v1, but in its current form doesn’t appear to be a direct replacement.

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On the bird photos I edit I find that a lot of the time the strength of the Sharpen Stand v2 Model has to be reduced. I do not consider adjusting the strength a problem. I very rarely go back to Sharpen Standard.

Mac mini (M1, 2020) Monterey 12.7

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im finding that the new standard version two in low light tends to be adding more noise and changing color when I’m not warning it to change colors. The sharpening to me is just OK and I shoot a lot of sports in low light scenarios does OK in normal daylight sports scenarios.

I really hope that the Normal Sharpen (not V2) stays - I feel like I can get a much more natural and reliable sharpen with V1. V2 seems to add noise (sometimes additional colour noise), strangely brightens the subject, and sometimes doesn’t even sharpen the image. Wondering what the actual advantages of V2 are at this point, or what creating V2 is hoping to accomplish, because I’d say V1 is perfect just as it is. I’m genuinely curious as to why the replacement?


I’d just like to echoe this. Strength of v2 is way too much, after reducing results are fine, but mostly still not as good as with v1.


As recently verified by John & Lingyu, Topaz Photo AI 2.0.5 does not fully handle NRW files from Nikon’s P1000 or 950. Like Photoshop Elements, the raw emulation does not fully replicate such in-camera settings as Picture Control. It also does not handle the in-camera Lens Corrections, causing it to shift the image center and expand the border with the 5% of pixels that NRW uses to process the image. In my experience, Nikon’s image processor/editor, NX Studio, exports a truer file for TP-AI processing. This is not a complaint as first editing NRW and converting to TIFF with NX Studio is my standard for further processing with TP-AI (& PSE-ACR). I really like TP-AI!

Sharpen v2 leaves a lot of noise (tested on DNG files) and the “Minor Denoise” doesn’t seem to do anything.
For most of my photos I fall back to the old DeNoise IA and the Low light model which is the best at preserving details. Unfortunately the old DeNoise doesn’t handle colors in raw files very well, so I usually use it on the JPG output my raw converter (C1).

No, V2 is much better than the old Version, because it preserves the realistic Grain instead of making everything look like Plastic :+1:

In my experience it adds more regular and colour noise. Maybe we’re using different settings - or are you talking about face recovery - because I agree wholeheartedly that face recovery can make faces look very plastic (I tend to avoid it if possible!).

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No I mean normal image sharpening. The old one is sharpening and iron out every grain and this is looking artificial. But the new sharpen is retaining the grain in a realistic way

Standard v2 changes the luminance of some colors, it is not possible. Leave us the standard version, thank you!


Most of the time the new Standard v2 is too strong. I end up backing off 1/2 to 2/3 what the Standard v2 thinks is the right choice. Weird things happen to chain link fences in the background when panning race cars at slow enough shutter speeds to render the background a streaked blur. If fact I am often dialing back the settings the AI thinks are appropriate for sharpening and denoise. Sharpening much more so than denoise. Otherwise, as new owner I am well pleased with what the software can do do improve the look of my photos.

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I had to stop using the Strong setting because of horrible distortion. Looks like the same problems have now bled into the Standard V2.


I prefer the old version. V2 increases noise and exaggerates the sharpening procedure


In general, landscape and wildlife photography, before and after V2, Topaz doesn’t recognize sharks skin pattern, composed by denticles, and creates a kind of “leather skin” pattern. Several times the denoise creates smudge zones and lost of definition, I think it mistakes the denticles pattern for noise?
The Standard V2 increases light and changes tone for yellow. Also it creates lots of pink and green specs. I didn’t use it for a single image. Please do not change it yet, standard does a much better work most of the times.