RAW files become desaturated and darkened

We are currently investigating the below behavior where RAW files become desaturated and underexposed in Photo AI v1.1.9

If this behavior sounds similar to what you are experiencing, we are aware of this bug and are working on a solution.

I am experiencing this problem. Would it be helpful to know any data from me—e.g., which files I am processing, which computer I am using, or something else?

For this case any files that show incorrectly would be helpful. Generally from what I’ve been looking at a lot of desaturation tends to be on a case by case basis for different camera types and sometimes even the same camera type at different ISO levels. Also if you have a screenshot of the colors you expect it would be helpful to use as a reference.

Are there any updates on this? I’m noticing this on images shot with my X-T5. Images lose their lens correction, become desaturated, and become underexposed.

Incorrect exposure with Fujifilm RAF files is currently a known issue due to issues in the RAF metadata.

We have a task for fixing this soon. For now, I would recommend converting the file to a DNG or non-Raw format to process in Topaz Photo AI.

This is happening to me every time if photo AI used through lightroom, though not through photoshop.
All on Sony A7R5 .ARW native raw files. Lens and camera settings seem not to make a difference. Happens with noise reduction or sharpening, or any combination.

Left is original RAW, no adjustments made. Right is post Topaz AI, again no other adjustments.
Latest update not made a difference either. Please advise, this is an expensive and currently not worthwhile product.

I’m experiencing a strange color shift. This is from an imported JPG. The shift happens even before any adjustments in Topaz are made.

Do you have the original for us to test?

I played around with it and I think I figured out the issue I had on my end. The file I was using was in a CMYK color profile. I switched it to RBG in Photoshop and opened it in Topaz AI and the color shift issue was gone. Mystery solved on my end!

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What colour profile are you using?

These were using the adobe landscape colour profile

That could be the issue then as I think Topaz uses RGB.

Try changing your profile to RGB and see how that is.

of course i should have looked around on this forum, but i just added the exact problem with my Sony RAW (ARW-extension) files onto another thread . I get washed out and dull pictures when handed over from Lightroom classic onto Topaz Photo AI. (Topaz gets a ProPhotoRGB colorspace in a TIFF)
as long as this isnt solved i am afraid i will stick to lightroom’s denoise …

Topaz should save your image, to the same colour profile as the source, if that is what you have selected. Check your settings.

You should be able to set the Tiff colour profile is saved to, the default is ProPhotoRGB. But not sure you can save to your profile, not heard of that one before.

You could try this:

“Apply RAW Color Correction”. This is checked by default. I unchecked it, and the image’s colors look as close to the original as I would expect"

it is a quote from another forum, which solved some users problems with RAW files in Topaz.

Thanks Hbie, but i found out that that settings is for Denoise AI. Cant find that setting in Photo AI unfortunately.

You could do the Raw conversion first in LR, then use PAI as a plugin filter, then save as your source colour profile.
That is how I use Topaz.

I don’t have a computer at the moment, so I can’t check.

i think i am using the same flow… but still the colors are desaturated ;-((

Will this ever be fixed? We keep seeing updates that reorganize the UI, but topaz still makes my fuji raw files look bad.