RAW files become desaturated and darkened

We are currently investigating the below behavior where RAW files become desaturated and underexposed in Photo AI v1.1.9

If this behavior sounds similar to what you are experiencing, we are aware of this bug and are working on a solution.

I am experiencing this problem. Would it be helpful to know any data from me—e.g., which files I am processing, which computer I am using, or something else?

For this case any files that show incorrectly would be helpful. Generally from what I’ve been looking at a lot of desaturation tends to be on a case by case basis for different camera types and sometimes even the same camera type at different ISO levels. Also if you have a screenshot of the colors you expect it would be helpful to use as a reference.

Are there any updates on this? I’m noticing this on images shot with my X-T5. Images lose their lens correction, become desaturated, and become underexposed.

Incorrect exposure with Fujifilm RAF files is currently a known issue due to issues in the RAF metadata.

We have a task for fixing this soon. For now, I would recommend converting the file to a DNG or non-Raw format to process in Topaz Photo AI.