RAW/Crop feature behaviours

I edited some images using Photo AI Raw via direct edit and a couple of them have produced strange results.

I tried one of them through Lightroom Classic Plug in Manager and it saved it onto the original DNG (my mistake, should not have chosen that option), luckily I have a Backblaze back up.

The Lightroom plug in using a TIF duplicate appears to be working but the direct RAW/crop or LrC Plug in Manager using RAW is producing odd results.

I have rolled back from 1.3.0 to 1.2.10, both producing the same results on iMac 27 2017.

A screenshot from LrC.

System report.
iMac.spx (5.8 MB)
Topaz Photo AI log.
2023-04-17-21-49-17.tzlog (9.0 KB)

I’ve attempted same process on my 2022 MacBook Pro, exactly same results.

Topaz very kindly and quickly looked at this for me and this is their response… "It looks like the original image is edited and has some healing brushes on it. When we cropped the image and processed it those healing brushes were transferred over to the output.

Please remove the healing from the original image or the processed image and it should be fixed.

For now, masks and healing brushes are not supported when processing an image in Topaz Photo AI due to behavior like this."

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