Random PC Freezes and Performance Degradation over time while Video AI is running

  1. Random PC Freeze and Performance degradation over time while Video AI is running.
  2. DxDiag.txt (105.8 KB)
  3. When this happens the logs looks normal as though it is processing and then the entries just stop.
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Video AI was running rock solid until I updated to v3.1.10. Now it randomly freezes while processing a video. Sometimes it will process 3 or 4 in a row before it happens and other times it happens shortly after the first video. Neither my GPU or CPU are overclocked and this is the only thing that causes my PC to freeze.

I have also noticed that the longer Video AI has been running, the more it seems to gradually slow down other things I am doing on my PC over time. At first it has little impact to things like browsing web pages or opening apps, etc. But after an hour or two, the PC becomes noticeably slower. The issue seems to slowly compound the longer Video AI is open.

@glitterkill Can you share your logs for when you are noticing the performance start to drop or when the freeze occurs?

I think I figured out my issue. I changed my system power plan setting and it resolved the problems.