Random Green and Yellow Splotches

I have been having this issue since AI was introduced. I reported it twice before. It was addressed with the engineers and has improved, but not solved. The advice from Topaz was “Open in the standalone version and process as a TIFF”.
Sony ARW imported into Lightroom and converted to DNG. When a file is sent to Photo AI in the preset mode, often in white or light over-exposed areas, green and yellow splotches randomly appear in the re-imported DNG files. I shoot wildlife and white (i.e. a bald eagles head or tail) should appear white, not white and green. I can submit original DNG and processed original DNG.

Thanks for your patience as we fix this. In the meantime, you can try using the Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI workflow which will preserve color and process a TIF instead of a RAW.

I understand how colored artifacts renders an image unusable. We’re working on these types of bugs as a high priority this and next quarter.