Random Crashes - A Solution?

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to Topaz products but now I’ve finally finished building my new PC I hope to use them quite a lot.

I’ve seen a LOT of posts about random crashes so I reckon a fair number of those, particularly in PCs (I can’t speak for Macs) will be because the computer has got too hot.

When I finished my new PC I ran it without the sides on for several days until I had the chance to tidy up the cables. Everything ran brilliantly.

After I’d put the case back together the PC started crashing randomly. I thought at the time that it was because I had connected a second monitor so updated my Nvidia drivers/BIOS and double checked that I had the latest BIOS and drivers for the motherboard.

It still kept crashing.

Finally, I decided to have a look inside and when I took the cover off the innards were really hot - especially around the HDDs. I let it cool down for a bit then started up again and since then it’s run faultlessly with the side panel still open. I’ve got some more case fans arriving and am going to replace one of the HDDs with an SSD so hopefully that (and some careful attention to airflow inside the case) will fix things for good.

Incidentally, I wasn’t using any Topaz products when the machine crashed but I WAS working it very hard. I strongly suspect that the newer releases of the AI based products take full advantage of the processing capability of a machine and so probably also work it very hard.

Bottom line - if you’re experiencing random crashes and you’ve updated all your drivers, etc. check that your machine isn’t overheating.

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I should add that allowing dust to build up inside a machine is also a VERY common cause of overheating so maybe a bit of a clean is in order if you have an older system.

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