RAM Size and Performance

Does 32GB or 64GB of RAM make any differences when performing upscaling, stabilizing, or insert frames (E.g. make video 60FPS) with Video AI?

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For me no… i see a poor utilization of my 32GB DDR4 dual channel Ram! :grin:


I would love to know, whether DDR5 and DDR4 make a big difference in VEAI ? :thinking:
Because I am planning to build a new system on Raptor Lake.

most of the work happens on the video card. GDDR ram, speed, and how much (diminishing returns above 12gb?) is what matters. regular ram doesn’t matter much.

Not much RAM is required. I have 128GB and Topaz Video AI uses a maximum of 3GB Ram per instance.
If I work with 2 programs in parallel with 2 GPUs and do nothing else on the PC, a maximum of 12GB of 128GB Ram is used.
*edit: Windows 11

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Agree with @kingdom-3809.

I have 32GB of DDR5-5200, an I9-12900K and a Nvidia 3080Ti w/12GB of DDR6X VRAM

Running 3 simultaneous upscales from SD to 4K using Proteus consumes 7.5GB or so of system RAM (measured as additional RAM after starting TVAI) and about 7GB of VRAM.

The VRAM consumption is roughly the same, regardless of the number of simultaneous processes (slightly less with only one). The system RAM seems to be consumed at the rate of about 2.5 GB per process.

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