Rain Chain Tchotchke

Hand watercolor with TL2 contrast bump, PS watercolor brush background. As a neophyte watercolorist, I feel like I’m back in the fourth grade. But I have to say, it was pretty cool watching the paints spread and blend together. So this was done with student grade watercolors. And I keep reading, “wait awhile before splurging on artist grade paints”. Why? It’s going to kill me to do so. Patience has never been one of my virtues. I’ll give it a couple months.

And I REALLY want a better scanner because this lost all the subtleties in the translation. As near as I can tell, I’m only able to scan at 300 dpi (Office Jet Pro 8715) and this came across as a 200 dp TIF as I had not yet found the settings link to bump it up to 300 dpi. Sigh.


Doug, you might consider Rebelle 3 by Excape Motions: Rebelle | real media paint software

If you want to use Corel Painter to make a background I can tell which brush to use and how to use one of the effects to make one similar to one shown here. Of course you can use different colors.


Yes, please. I’d appreciate it very much. Thanks.

I’l post it here so anyone else that has Corel Painter can see it.

First use the Watercolor brush: Sponge Grainy Wet and paint the background. It absorbs in the paper so it will be lighter than when painting. Next, go to the Effect Menu > Focus > Glass Distortion and select that. Below, I show the settings for the Glass Distortion filter. Apply that and your done. You may add more if needed with the brush. Changing the paper selection will change the look. Open the Paper list before using the Glass filter. I used a course paper.


Another brush you may like is the Smeary Wet Sponge in the Pallet Knives category. Change the Grain setting to 100%, Random expression and check Random Grain position. Make the brush large and paint.


Gorgeous background- and thanks ever so for sharing your process. I’ll have a play later!

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