Quick keys to set start and end frame when trimming the video

Are there any quick keys to set start and end frame when trimming the video?

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No, not at this time, but that is a great idea!


it’s just

Go to Start - show - frame 00 00 00 00
Go to Ending - show - “last/max” frame hh mm ss msms

and this trim function - cuts good/bad

good - when resize/upscale

bad - when deinterlacing (x2) - cut out 02:21:13 - 03:01:21
and after processing it gives out 02:21:10 - 03:01:25

therefore, I use the Trim function on other software, if Trim and Deinterlacing are needed

I have had to AI upscale long sequences which contain modern footage along with historical B/W footage - therefore they need different AI modules allocating. Trim is a much easier option rather than creating several video clips.

It would be a nice option to use the arrow keys to fine tune the frames and then simply use a quick key to set the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ of the trim - rather than dragging the trim bar.

So at the moment I need to copy and paste the Start time and End time from the videos default timeline and then choose the trim option and paste them in accordingly. So to have some of the same functions of the default timeline usable within the trim timeline would be nice.

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look at this- Preview

interpolation + trim / with large files / not check - it’s your work :sweat_smile:

By the way
DaVinci Resolve Studio has the function of cutting and saving when processing into separate files what is cropped

that is

upload a 1h20m video and cut out 8 parts and process them all at once or separately, or transfer the desired segment to another project / timeline



Perfect… so it can already be done outside of the trim option … D’oh!

Thanks ida.topazlabs


Good answer! So do it!
I thought these “settings” for another

in Davinci - multi-cut and processing in separate files - faster, easier, more efficient…