Question regarding Migrating Presets from Studio 1 to 2

Is there a maximum number of presets (custom or favorite) that can be migrated to Studio 2? I have probably a couple of pages of “favorites”…adding more each time I go into Studio 1…and I don’t want to overload Studio 2 or slow it down. I have not seen this discussed here previously. Thank you. RealMur

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No maximum at all - ALL TS1 - in theory - should happily migrate across to TS2 … as I say, in theory!

Try it and see!

Thank you so much Jack for taking the time to answer me. I guess I will give it a try in a day or so. I first want to make sure that I’ve made copies of the files of any “Looks” I’ve created … just in case I have to re-install Studio 2.