Question about Studio

So it looks like those of us who owned Clarity, Detail, and Impression got free versions of those tools recently within the Studio application. Will this carry forward? Should owners of Topaz B&W expect to get the BW Pro tools unlocked in Studio, for example?

If so, is there a roadmap as to which of the previous plugins will map to the new tools in Studio, and when they can be expected?

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No, there are no roadmaps out or announced. As for plugins, if and when they get migrated owners will automatically get the updates as they already have free updates for the life of the product.

For B&W the current tools in Studio are not the same as B&W Effects which gives a traditional “Film B&W Effect” processing. Things not there in Studio are Adaptive Exposure, Color Sensitivity, Color Filter, Creative Effects, Local Adjustments and, of course, the Finishing Touches.

All I can say is wait and see :slight_smile:

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My guess is as good as yours but I would venture to say that at some point all of the plug-ins will migrate to Studio to take advantage of new technology, all under the same “roof” with a commonality and available as an upgrade. When and how long that will take is the question. I’d suggest you download a trial version of the Pro adjustment and compare its functionality with the plug-in version you already own.

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I’ve been talking with Marketing about something that resembles a roadmap, and we’re developing what that might look like.

For now, if you’re uncertain about ownership upgrade paths, just know that we aren’t going to be charging anyone for product updates. If anyone tells you otherwise, it’s just not true. I know - with all other companies asking for something between updates, it’s hard to wrap your head around the perpetual license type we offer. We do everything we can to ensure that your update is free. It’s a staple of our business model, and as long as our current CEO is in charge, won’t change. (Hint: it’s not going to change).

There are a number of planned updates, and several new features in the works (that don’t exist in the plugins). If you’re concerned about using your existing products in the Studio environment, for now, I’d honestly advise you to wait. Of course, we want our customers to continue supporting us, but we also stand by our word. If you’d rather sit back and claim only free updates going forward, you can certainly do that. It’s the main reason we aren’t charging for Studio, itself. We’re keeping our word.

Yes, the Adjustments, in their current form, are similar to the plugin products. However, as you’ve possibly noticed with Clarity and Detail, they are actually a bit more complex than the single Adjustments that look “similar” to the plugin products.

Keep your eyes open, provide us feedback about what you care about, and never forget - UPDATES ARE FREE AT TOPAZ LABS.