Question about dpi when saving in Studio?

I like to save images as Tffs when saving from Studio, but I see a box on preferences, save that makes me choose a number. Is this moot for tffs or if I keep it at 300 dpi does it save a tff with 300 dpi? Conversely, if I up the dpi does it save at that amount or does it save UP to that amount?

You just need to test yourself and you will see that the following happens:

  • Saves to the DPI specified in the preferences; except
  • Specifying a fraction will take it to the rounded whole number

Well, sorry, that makes it kind of useless for tff format. Or any workflow. Makes a lossless format lossy. Which is why I asked. I don’t know why Topaz would do that.

What do you mean by that? Lossless just refers to the contents of the image insofar as all details of the image are retained. JPEG is lossy which refers to the effect of compression but TIFF is lossless because compression doesn’t affect the contents.

The DPI only refers to printing and if you use “Save as” if will use the DPI specified in the preferences.


I like to print bigger than the image suggests. I am guessing that an image saved at 300dpi and then worked on further would not print well if enlarged after that. Is this the case? Or does it not save those parameters to the saved tiff file?

No, the DPI parameter doesn’t matter except when printing. There are many products, including Topaz GigaPixel AI, that will enlarge the image to your required dimensions and DPI for printing.

Ok, It does not save those parameters to a tff file. Thank you AI Don!

It does save them - just as it does for JPEG or any other format. The DPI (or PPI) is just a text field in the file’s metadata that tells a printer how big or small to print it - it doesn’t affect a single pixel of your image and has no relevance to whether an image is lossy or lossless, that is down to the format you choose. If you want to print your image at a larger size than the nominal size given then you simply print it at a lower PPI (or resize in Gigapixel etc.) which you can easily do no matter what value is stored in the parameter. What you need to be concerned about when printing at a larger size is the image’s pixel dimensions - not the PPI.

Thank you Don! That really cleared that question up for me. Appreciate it.

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